Professional Service For All Your Digital Needs

Concentric Digital offers an array of services, including IT supports, web design, app development, digital marketing & graphic design. The one-stop shop for all your business digital needs!

Our services

Comprehensive Digital Solutions


Web Design

Whether it is a personal blog or a online store, we design stunning mobile-friendly website, optimized for loading speed and search engine!

App Development

We are specialised in developing app using the ionic framework, custom iOS, android and web apps tailored for your business need. 

IT Support

We provides both managed or on-demand services, from networking, telephony to M365 deployment, we have you covered!

Graphic Design

Whether it is your logo, business card or poster, we provide multiple concept arts for each of your project and unlimited revision, satisfaction guranteed!

Digital Marketing

From creating engaging email newsletter to managing your social profile, concentric digital can help your business grow by promoting through the digital world!


Combining Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Search Engine Marketing (SEM) generate leads through your websites, ensure your business is visible to the world!

Assistance to anything IT related

From a digital agency that understands what your business needs to go digital. We can help you with almost everything IT related.

Remote Computer Support

Need help with your computer NOW?

We provide on-demand remote computer support through. Certified by industrial bodies including CompTIA, PCI Security Standard Council and Microsoft, you are guaranteed to be taken care of by the best!

You are eligible to our remote computer repair service if:


Device can turn on and have access to the internet

You can download and install program on the device


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire a web designer when I can build one for almost free using WordPress/Wix/SquareSpace?

Your website is the online face of your business. And if your website isn’t easy to understand, simple to use, and visually appealing, you could lose business or be out of business.

Hiring a professional may seem like a more costly investment upfront, but the increased likelihood of success it offers outweighs the initial cost. Not only does it help your business, but it improves you customers experience and increases the customer lifetime value.

How much does it cost to have a website designed?

It all depends on the scale and the functions required for your website. Talk to us and we can give you a quote based on your requirements.

For your reference, our design, development and hosting all inclusive package start at $1680, and on average, projects for our past small-business clients cost around $5000 to $10000.

What format should I provide my logo artwork in for my web design?

Not having a clear logo can reduce the overall trustworthiness of your site. The ideal file would be a .PNG with transparent background that is at least 500px wide. You should be able to find such file from the package from your logo designer. Other file formats that are also acceptable are .PDF, .Ai, .EPS, and sometimes .PSD or .TIFF.

No logo? Let us know and we will have one designed professionally for you along with your website.

What is the different between web design and web development?

Website design and website development are often used synonymously, but they’re two very different things. Website design is like working with an architect to create the blueprint for your house. Website development is like working with a contractor to actually build your house.

Our package are all inclusive including both web design and web development. If you come to us with a design ready, we can develop and deploy the website based on your design.

What is required from me to start building my website?

The general information we need from you include your business name, contact detail, business hours, service price list, etc.

We will need specific artworks of your business including your logo, banners and pictures of your products and services. Word contents including your business and services description will also need to be provided from you.

No logo or content? Let us know and we will have your logo designed and content written by our professional designer and content writer along with your web design.

How long does it takes to have my website ready for deployment?

Typically, after we received all the information, artworks and instructions from our clients, it takes somewhere between 3 – 8 weeks for our clients to approve the final design and have the website deployed.