Exlover Newlover Rent a Rack Adelaide – Booking system integration + POS setup

ExLover NewLover is a rent a rack business selling pre-owned clothings in Adelaide, South Australia. Exlover Newlover’s shop locate in Shop 14 Athelstone shopping centre, SA 5076. It aims to give a new life to your pre-owned clothes and find new loves. The team is passionate about providing a sustainable way to shop for great second hand designer clothes and accessories. At ExLover NewLover, it goes without saying that the product presentation must be professional. They take care of your second hand fashion as if it were their own.

Their store uses Zellr, a “flea market management & POS system” that take cares of all the booking, inventory and commission calculation, so client can use their online booking system integrated into the website to rent a rack and tracking their sales online in realtime.

We have also setup the POS physically in store for Exlover Newlover, including connection receipt printer and barcode scanner, and so the POS is directly synchronised with the Zellr management system online.